House Cleaning Services in Salt Lake City, UT

Happy House Cleaning is the leading house cleaning service in Salt Lake City, UT. We provide various services, from one-time deep cleaning after moving in or out to more frequent monthly or bi-monthly visits. We have years of experience serving the Salt Lake City area and are happy to provide references for other services, such as window and carpet cleaning.

Happy House Cleaning prides itself on providing 100% customer satisfaction. We understand that every home is different, so we tailor each cleaning service to meet your needs. Our trained professionals take pride in their job, so you can trust them to clean your home thoroughly.

Professional Home Cleaning Services

Happy House Cleaning provides professional home cleaning services that will make your life easier. Our cleaning professionals are trained to clean every area of your home thoroughly and efficiently. We also take care of all the little details so that your house is left sparkling clean when we leave!

Maintenance Cleaning

Maintenance cleaning is a service that provides you with the peace of mind that your business or home is being cleaned regularly. This frees you from cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, and hallways. Maintenance cleaning can be customized to fit your needs, so you can choose how often you would like us to visit, who will be responsible for paying for the service, and what types of cleaning supplies will be used.

Maintenance cleaning services are available at our Salt Lake City location. Our team members have experience in the field and will ensure that the areas you want to be cleaned will be taken care of quickly and efficiently. We are dedicated to ensuring that all customer requests are met promptly so you can continue running your business or living comfortably in your home without worrying about messy floors or dirty counters!

Top-to-Bottom Deluxe Cleaning

Top to Bottom Deluxe Cleaning is a deep cleaning service that covers all areas of your home. It’s designed to get your home in top shape, so you can feel confident inviting friends and family. Whether you want to clean the garage or need help getting rid of that musty smell in your basement, our professional cleaners will be there for you.

Our top-to-bottom cleaning service is designed to make your life easier. We know you don’t always have time to clean your house and do everything else on your to-do list. Our services are designed with busy families in mind. We’ll do it for you if it doesn’t get done at home!

Move-in and Move-out Services

Moving can be a stressful time. But our Move-in and Move-out Services can help you prepare your new place for your arrival and ensure your old one is ready to go before you leave.

We’ll take care of the cleaning so that you don’t have to worry about it. Our friendly staff will come in, do the dirty work, and leave your home looking sparkling clean and smelling fresh. We’ll even take care of all the hard things to remember, like vacuuming under the bed or cleaning out the fridge.

We want you to feel at home in your new place, and we know that’s easier when it’s clean!


How much does professional cleaning of a house cost?

The cost of professional cleaning is based on a few factors, such as the size of your house and how long it takes to clean it. Nevertheless, a typical home will cost between $115 and $230 to clean.

How do professionals deep clean a house?

Professional house cleaners start with a thorough inspection of your home. They will look at every room, every surface, and every crevice to ensure they know exactly what needs to be cleaned. They will also consider any unique concerns that may be required in your homes, such as pets or children.
Once the cleaning professionals have completed their inspection, they’ll devise a plan to clean your home. Once the plan is in place, everyone on the team will know exactly what to do, where to go, and when to start working. Your cleaners will begin by ensuring everything is safe for them and your family to touch before beginning any cleaning tasks. Then they’ll move from one room to another until each room has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

How much time does it take to deep clean a house?

When you call a professional, they can usually get your house deep cleaned in about 30-45 minutes per room. This is because they have the equipment and know-how to ensure that every corner of your house is spotless.
If you do it yourself, it will take longer, probably 60-90 minutes per room.

What does cleaning and maintenance include?

House cleaning services are essential to keeping your home squeaky clean and ready for you to enjoy.
House cleaning services include the following:

  • Maintenance cleaning is a service that assists you in keeping your home clean by removing dirt that collects over time. Depending on how frequently you wish to clean your home, this can be weekly or biweekly.
  • Deep cleaning is a more intensive service that helps remove all dirt and dust from your home, so you don’t have to worry about it. Depending on how frequently you want your house cleaned, this can be monthly or quarterly.
  • Move-in and move-out service is a great option for anyone moving into a new place or moving out of one. This service ensures that your new place will be fresh when you move in or out of it so that nothing gets left behind.
  • Housekeeping services are a comprehensive cleaning service that can help you keep your home looking its best. Housekeepers can handle all your cleaning tasks, from dusting to vacuuming and scrubbing.

Need House Cleaning Services in Salt Lake City, UT?

Finding the perfect company for your housecleaning needs can be challenging, and we understand that. Your house is where you spend most of your time, so you want it to be clean and organized. You also have a busy schedule and don’t always have time to finish everything. That’s why we’re here!

At Happy House Cleaning, we provide professional, dependable house cleaning services that will keep your home clean and organized, allowing you to focus on more essential matters. Contact us today!