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Sanitizing Vs Disinfecting

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Make Sure Your Home Is Free of Germs

Given the global pandemic of COVID-19, you want to make sure your home is completely clean. Maybe you’ve arranged for sanitizing services expecting a deep cleaning. Unfortunately, there’s a big difference between sanitizing and disinfecting.

Happy House Cleaning provides disinfection cleaning services in Sandy, UT and can get your home as clean as you want. For ordinary sanitization, we apply a general-purpose chemical solution called Simple Green to clean off your surfaces. If you want to make sure your home is free of germs, our cleaners will disinfect it using a hospital-grade solution called Re-Juv-Nal.

Hire us for disinfection cleaning services in Sandy, UT today. You’ll get a free estimate before we start cleaning.

Why should you get disinfecting services?

Think of disinfecting as a step beyond simply sanitizing an area. A disinfected space will give you peace of mind because…

  • Our cleaners take extra care cleaning high-touch points like light switches, door handles, faucets and countertops.
  • We saturate the area with our cleaning solution and let it sit for 10 minutes to make sure germs are eliminated.
  • The solution used in the disinfecting process is strong and recognized for its ability to fight threats like COVID-19.

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